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Dream Board: ENVISION your BEST life!

People have created vision boards for years using images from magazines on corkboards or posterboards but they weren't very portable. Since many of us spend our days on the computer, create your own O Dream Board to serve as a daily reminder of your aspirations and what you want your life to be.

What do you want in your life? What images represent your dreams? What words inspire you to move forward? Capture them with O Dream Board. Get clear about your goals, your hopes and your vision for your life. Make the connection to turn your dreams into reality every day.

The new O Dream Board is a free web-based application available to all Oprah.com members and easy to share with your friends. So dream it. See it. Share it. Achieve it. And repeat. Start living you best life now!

See article on O and CREATE your own... or create your own from scratch!

I created mine using GIMP


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