FIT Vs Skinny "How to NOT set yourself up for disappointment"

People are always trying to get more skinny. It’s the main reason a lot of people start exercising — to lose weight, lose weight, and lose more weight. And no matter how much we lose, there’s always a little bit more to go. Especially for people relatively new to exercising, it’s extremely hard to reach a solid, happy level of satisfaction.

But should being skinny be the ultimate, actual goal of exercise, of any attempt to lose weight? Now, before we get into this question further, one thing we should say: there are people who are just naturally skinny. A lot of this depends on your body type and metabolism.

But let’s go back to ‘getting skinny’ as a goal — although exercise will help you lose weight, there’s got to be a better direction than just ‘skinny’. There are a few reasons why we think the whole focus needs to shift, and they drive everything we put on the site. Let’s talk about them.


Becoming skinny isn’t very realistic over the long term. Besides the fact that the whole process of losing enough weight to actually become fashion-model skinny is really difficult, maintaining it — while still eating well and having enough energy to live your life — is extremely hard.

Getting fit, on the other hand, is far more measurable — you can track your progress, see specific, satisfying changes to your body, and not be holding yourself up to an unrealistic standard.

That’s actually the most important thing — psychologically, it’s far easier to work towards getting fit than getting skinny. One is a specific goal that’s sustainable, the other is a societal idea that changes with the times and is famously elusive.

If your goal is simply ‘to be a skinny person’, you’ll always find ways to not measure up, no matter how skinny you might get. Fundamentally, it’s just not  realistic.

When you combine these two things — a realistic physical goal with something that’s actually easy to deal with, psychologically — you’ve got an unstoppable combination. As an overall direction, getting fit is infinitely preferable to getting skinny.

But besides that, there are tons of other benefits, too:


Your full-body health. Trying hard to get skinny can have terrible effects on your body, because you likely won’t eat enough, nor will you get a balanced amount of exercise. When you switch your goal to simply ‘getting fit’, it’s much easier to concentrate on making your entire body healthy, and you go from counting and denying calories to something much more healthful, well-rounded, and holistic in approach.

Your everyday strength. This one is great, just because it’s something you might not consider beforehand — but getting fit makes you way stronger (not super-muscular, just stronger!). Those little things you need to do around the house, or anything involving physical strength — they become a huge pleasure when you’re in shape (or even just getting in shape). You’ll seriously enjoy being able to actually feel your body, and feel each muscle as you use them.

Your physical confidence. Connected to that is just the sheer physical confidence that comes from being in shape. It makes you feel grounded, more present, and more at home in your own skin.
Psychological rewards. It’s not just about the attainable psychological rewards of being in shape, but other,
more chemical ones, too — nearly nothing about the mad drive to ‘get skinny’ will give you the natural, amazing high that strong exercise will, and it’s proven that you’ll feel way better pursuing a plan that concentrates on fitness rather than one just concerned with dropping the pounds.

This article was originally posted by BodyRock

The desire should always be to get FIT the right way! I know how enticing all those quick fixes are! BUT, even when you LOSE you almost always gain it back plus some... When you lose weight the RIGHT way not only are you seeing results you are also achieving LONG term MAINTAINABLE success! You are ending the TREND and transitioning to a healthy "lifestyle", who whats skinny for summer when you can get fit FOR LIFE!

I know for me personally THIS TIME it isn't about getting skinny, or dropping weight CRAZY fast... I want LASTING RESULTS, no more up and downs, NO MORE yo-yo-ing! I want this to be the LAST time in my life I am out of shape!

I want to BE FIT for LIFE! How about you?


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