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A Little bit about me, where I came from and where I started....

Me and My husband at the Daytona 500
I have never really know what to say about myself on this part of my page. What do I say? What do people want to know? Is anyone even READING this? LOL... But now that this has really grown into something that is BIGGER than me,  it's time to get down to the nitty gritty! I mean really for you to understand where I am you need to know where I have came from.

I'm a 32 year old  OPTIMIST, artist, activist, DREAMER... & "lover of life"... My glass is always half full, and even though I may not have everything, I make the best of what I do have. "Life is entirely too short to hold grudges or wake up in the morning with regrets. Love the people that treat you right & pray for the ones that don't. If you get a chance- take it. You never know when one will come along again. And sometimes, there's no second chance. Don't dwell on what you don't have- look around & appreciate what you DO have... before it's gone."

My baby's 
I have been married to my husband and best friend for 14 years and we have two beautiful children (8 & 2).... I know what your thinking... "CRAZY", but what can I say, we are one of those lucky few who can actually say we were high school sweethearts... pretty rare now days and extremely SPECIAL! We are both originally from rural Michigan but now reside in Florida due to the economic down turn.

Like some people I didn't have the best childhood. I have witnessed violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, alcoholism, and drug use... Proper nutrition & leading a healthy lifestyle were not things that were impressed upon me... Did it suck... yes, but I don't dwell on it. In fact I build from it. Every experience we face (bad or good) can shape the way we view things, they shape the person we become. We can either let them drag us down or we can kick adversity in the FACE... I consider my struggles as strength. They have shaped and molded me into a STRONG woman. No matter what happened I never let my circumstance hold me down because I knew my life was meant for something BIGGER!

My 2nd pregnancy 200+ lbs. (2009)
Childhood was not only rough at home but at school as well. I wasn't what you would call a "popular" kid. In fact I tried to float through high school INVISIBLE, hahaha like that ever works?!?  No it doesn't... I guess they call it bullying now days, but I was heavily teased not only for being chunky but for the way I looked.. I have big eyes and as a kid grew up with the nic name "Bug Eyes" <---- one of MANY I had back then LOL. I hated going to school, I hated myself, I wanted to give up... I used sports to escape home and food to dull the depression. Kinda crazy because I played every sport I could Cross country, track, soccer, summer softball... and I was good at them but never lost weight because of my bad eating..

My depression finally came to it's boiling point my senior year, and I just stopped eating. For the first time I was losing weight and gaining the acceptance of my peers... my life completely turned around... the kids that once relentlessly teased me,  now wanted to talk to me... I was happy, LOVED myself... and constantly hungry! I spent the next two year on the slippery slope of "eating disorders" and became very under weight (105) and sick. I finally passed out at a friends house because I was not fueling my body... I managed to pull myself away from that... and have spent the last 10+ years slowly putting all the weight plus SOME back on, add in two kids and BOOM, there I was taking my Day one Insanity pictures weighing in at a 180 pounds.

Even taking these (my day one) pictures... I didn't think I had a problem with my weight or my diet.... Not to this extent! Once I started Insanity (2weeks in) I knew I had to do something more than just working out. I really sat down and thought hard about why I wasn't getting the results I thought I should. I did a LOT of research on proper nutrition and I had a HUGE revelation. During my second pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes. Then I didn't think anything of it. Now I realize that because I was a compulsive meal skipper I was wreaking havoc on my metabolism and the way my body processed what I was eating. I was in a constant state of "starvation"... I know a contradiction how can a fat girl's body be in starvation mode? It's because I wasn't eating regularly throughout the day my body was hording and storing what I did eat (good or bad)... I was getting nowhere FAST until I found Clean eating!

Once I started eating clean I restarted Insanity! Still even after all that I wasn't noticing that big of a change! I looked at my diet and my workout... both were Insane!! What was I missing?? I couldn't see it so I went on a forum and it was CLEAR... I was missing PROTEIN! Although I was eating what I thought would be enough... it wasn't even CLOSE! That's when I added "whey protein". I had always thought whey was for guys and for gaining weight not losing it! Boy was I ever WRONG! Once I added in the protein and got the amount I needed the weight has melted off!!

AND BOOM... Here I am now after two rounds of Insanity and 50 pounds lighter!! I have learned a LOT and grown a lot.... I have realized that proper nutrition and fitness are the way to go. I have tried every fad diet and gimmick over the counter weight loss "Miracle" on the market and NOTHING has worked like this! As hard as it was I even told my husband "you were right", for YEARS he has preached the importance of breakfast and working out! That was a hard thing to admit...

Now I am taking my fitness to the next level! I have added Shakeology into my diet and (getting ready to) start my third round of Insanity! I even bought a tiny size medium bikini (for accountability pics) that I fully plan on ROCKING when I finish!! At this point I am pretty happy with where I am for the most part, ... My belly an lower back are now my main focus. But this is a process and I am getting closer to my goals one day at at time.

I have spent a majority of my life feeling like the ugly duckling, feeling powerless to change it... but I am my own creator and I am creating myself as the SWAN! Not just for me but for everyone else who thinks they are powerless to change! We are not victims of our circumstance... we HOLD the power to determine where we want to be and where we are going regardless of the challenges we face, take control of your life and JOIN me on this journey!

My diet....

What diet... I ain't on no stinkin diet LOL... It is eating CLEAN and it's a lifestyle... the end to all yo yo-ing... no more up and down DRAMA!! "

I get asked all the time "what a day in my eating clean world consist of"... here it is... this is the usual day, there are lots of recipes and way's to spice it up. For me this is A.) CHEAP and B.) EFFECTIVE!

  • Breakfast-Whole wheat Cream of Wheat & fresh fruit)
  • Snack- Protein Shake (OR fiber bar)
  • Lunch- Fish or Boneless skinless chicken, brown rice and steamed veggys
  • Snack- Protein Shake (OR yogurt and low fat string cheese)
  • Dinner- LARGE Salad or veggy wrap with chicken
*** I sub one mean now with Shakeology

Protein was a HUGE factor for my weight LOSS! This is a BASIC idea. Check out my pinterest board for links to all kinds of GREAT clean recipes!!


  1. You look great! I just ordered insanity and can't wait to start. I wanted to ask you a question. I have large breast that are very uncomfortable. Will instanity minimize my breast size? Thanks for your time

  2. Thanks MsRay!! Mine did, but honestly that is always one of the first places I lose weight.

  3. You are such an inspiration ! I'm on month 2 of insanity but didn't see any results yet :( I eat clean, healthy with just some bread once a week ( I'm french and can't skip it ^^ ), I have ordered whey protein and hope this will help me like it did to you !

  4. @laura Marchewka yes I definitely think the protein will really help you see MORE results! I tell everyone it was one of the biggest factors in my weight loss! Keep in touch I would LOVE to hear about your results!!!

  5. Wow you're a huge inspiration! Great job on your weight loss. I finished insanity week two today and I've lost 5.5 lbs...hoping to lose a grand total of 40 lbs! I know it will be hard and I will need two rounds but you have motivated me!

  6. Thanks for sharing your journey! You're a true inspiration! Just wondering, for Round 2 did you follow the same calendar as the first round or did you just continue the "Max" routines?

    1. I just repeated the whole program from day one! After doing the MAX workout going back to month one again felt easier!

  7. I have heard about insanity for awhile and I want to try it! I'm super scared though that I'll flake out of its hard and due to my schedule. I need to do something though. After being pregnant and immediately getting a birth control implant I packed on a lot of weight. I was originally 134 pounds and have gained 16 pounds just since the birth control. I hope I can stick with it. I feel like 180 pounds is just killing my self esteem.

  8. I have heard about insanity for awhile and I want to try it! I'm super scared though that I'll flake out of its hard and due to my schedule. I need to do something though. After being pregnant and immediately getting a birth control implant I packed on a lot of weight. I was originally 134 pounds and have gained 16 pounds just since the birth control. I hope I can stick with it. I feel like 180 pounds is just killing my self esteem.

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