Want to See some RESULTS... Check out these TRANSFORMATIONS!

“Shakeology helped me feel more energetic and it took all my cravings for sweets and junk food!” - Irene, Beachbody Challenge Contestant

 Erica lost 22 lbs and 3 dress sizes in 60 days with Shakeology and Insanity. "Shakeology played a pivotal role in my transformation. Besides helping me feel better, curbing my cravings and giving me more energy, I instantly started losing weight when I incorporated Shakeology into my diet and fitness plan."

This is one turbo Mom! Kelly Cox lost 101 lbs with Turbo Fire and Shakeology. "After the birth of my daughter and postpartum depression, I found myself at my highest weight, over 250lbs! My entire body hurt and I needed to change not only for me, but my daughter. The last thing I wanted was for her to grow-up thinking it was normal to hate the way you look. Shakeology made a world of difference. No doubt, it was one of the keys to my wearing a bikini for the first time in my life!" 

"Once I bought Shakeology it was the icing on the proverbial cake! My physical health went through the roof. I was more energetic, my stomach wasn't bloated anymore and I just felt better. My nails were growing better, my complexion looked brighter and I slept better!" Tara F. 39, Power 90 grad

“Shakeology is the most important piece of the fitness puzzle to me. At one point I reached a stalling point in my weight loss and finally decided to give it a chance. In my first week I lost 12 pounds and my cravings were all gone, which in turn has helped me lose even more weight and keep it off! I never go a day without my shake." - Lyndsey O

“Shakeology is THE most amazing product I’ve ever used. My skin, hair and nails are vastly improved. My digestive and excretory systems are working better than ever. I have more energy. Shakeology has helped me lose my weight because it has given me all the nutrients my body was craving and I was trying to meet with junk food. Since starting Shakeology, I no longer crave junk food." - Mary Smith, 40 years old, Chalene Extreme grad

“Shakeology has been critical for me. I take it every single day without fail and it has been a huge factor in my overall health. Shakeology has been a factor in reducing my blood pressure, providing me with the energy I need for my daily, active schedule. I’ve also learned about the importance of taking vitamins and minerals. It is essential for your metabolism, muscle growth, neurology and everything else when it comes to health." -Carlos Hurtado, 30, Rev Abs/ P90X grad

"I lost 32lbs and 7.5 inches off my waist! Shakeology played a HUGE role in my transformation. It helped me recover quicker from my workouts and it helped reduce my cravings for sweets. The magic really happened when I no longer craved the bad stuff!" - Jamie L, P90X grad

Elizabeth S. lost 136 LBS and went from a Size 20 to Size 8! "My doctors and I are all in agreement that the Shakeology is the leading cause of my 'picture perfect' health. The biggest benefit from Shakeology is that I am medication free and at a healthy weight!" - Shakeology Workout Grad and winner of $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge

Before Shakeology I never knew the difference when my body actually digested correctly - it was AMAZING! The vitamins in it helped me so much with making my mood so positive and energized too. I stopped getting daily headaches as well which was a rough battle. - Markie R, P90X/ Brazil Butt Lift grad

“I lost 117lbs and Shakeology has been the most amazing tool for me. I worked a 10 hour day with little to no breaks and having Shakeology made eating healthy not only taste good but able to fit into my schedule. I am so thankful for the shake and to its creators. You guys ROCK!!!” – Miranda S, P90X grad

“I drank Shakeology each day as a meal replacement throughout my weight-loss journey and I lost 40+ lbs. Not only did Shakeology help me lose the weight, but it also provided me with the energy and vitamins my body needed to bounce back after my pregnancy with twins. Plus, staying regular has always been tough for me - but not anymore! I look forward to my shake every day and know that I am doing the healthiest thing for my body.” – Jennifer B, 31, P90X Grad

"I love Shakeology now. I admit, I didn't get on board with it at first because I was used to eating huge fast food combo meals and I didn't think it would fill me up. I was serious about losing weight though so I started drinking it because I loved how Shakeology tasted; plus, I felt full without feeling bloated and had more energy! After a while I noticed making healthy choices became easier! I still love every meal I eat, but Shakeology helps me make the right choices." Jessica H, 32, ChaLean Extreme grad

"I started Shakeology after not getting the results I anticipated after my first 90 days working out. I didn't follow the nutrition guide and I knew that's why my results weren't fantastic. Shakeology kick-started my weight loss and helped get my sweet cravings in check. It also helped with energy, digestion, made my hair and nails stronger and cleared my skin. I am a better mommy, wife, sister, daughter and friend because I am happy on the inside now!" -Ashley L, 37, P90X2

"Shakeology has been instrumental in my weight loss success. I was doing Insanity when I started drinking it and I noticed a difference right away. My energy levels went through the roof and it seemed like the fat was just melting off me." - Carolina L, 24, Insanity grad

Jolie D. Lost 43 lbs. and 7" Off Her Waist with Shakeology® and LES MILLS PUMP!

“I lost 30 lbs and went from a size 14 to 6 with Shakeology and Turbo Fire in 4 months. Shakeology is AWESOME! I couldn't have made it through this journey without it! I have so much more energy and so many less cravings! I also love that it has helped me lose weight and has given me the most amazing meal of my day nutrition-wise." -Michelle Sylvia, 37, Turbo Fire Grad

Chastidy W. lost 20 lbs with the help of Shakeology before starting a fitness program. After starting Insanity, she lost 6 lbs and 18" total. Now she looks AMAZING!

"I lost 20 lbs and went from a size 9 to 1 in 90 days with Shakeology and Turbo Fire. I have a major sweet tooth and Shakeology really helped reduce my cravings. With all the different recipe opitions I never get bored!" - Tara S, 27, Turbo Fire Grad

Transformations originally posted by Shakeology on Facebook


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