Insanity Accountability day 4/63 (Round 3)

To say this week has been CRAZY would be a complete and absolute understatement!

With summer break, my husbands motorcycle accident and now a kidney stone... on TOP of my workout, challenge groups, and Beachbody cup team.. I am ONE busy woman! If only there were more hours in the day LOL, wouldn't that be nice?

So here I am on day 4 of Insanity round three and I have hardly had time to get everything done I wanted to do. For me today is going to be about focusing getting some MAJOR stuff done, that way I can put all my attention and focus onto getting EVERYTHING done :) Tuff being a Mom sometime but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Here is the PLAN, and I use that word loosely... Tomorrow I will start V-logging my workouts. I will most definitely be looking ROUGH giving a post workout breakdown of everything that is going on, exciting huh? LOL.... I am definitely stepping outside my comfort zone a little bit on this one, but I really want to use it as a platform to really connect with people about what I am doing and why I LOVE doing it... so stay tuned you are about to see a whole LOT more of me, I hope your ready!!

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