Ultimate reset Results

"I finally got my blood work results back.. In 21 days doing the Ultimate Reset (which is following meal plan that slowly transitions you to eat a vegan diet, drinking a gallon of water a day, taking a few supplements, and the best part NO EXERCISE!!)
- I lost 16 pounds
- HDL (good cholesterol) Before 38- After 32
- LDL (bad cholesterol) Before 109- After 101
- Cholesterol Before 175 - AFTER 144!!! down 31 points!!!!
- Triglycerides Before 139 - AFTER 51!!

I have never had more energy with no caffeine and felt better in my life!!! learning proper nutrition is LIFE CHANGING!!"

Ashleigh R. (fellow Bombshell Coach) Beachbody Ultimate RESET RESULTS


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