Yikes, not my thing but here I am, real, RAW, and my WHY!

Why Team Beachbody? Why Not?? My "WHY" as a Coach and how Beachbody has changed my LIFE

How I changed my life and decided to not take the quick fix and commit to the life style.

I did it and SO can you!!

"Hi, My name is Melissa Morris and I am and independent Team Beachbody coach on the bombshell Dynasty.

I want to share a little bit about my why. Why I love these programs and products, why I became a coach, and how this company has not only changed my life but also given me HOPE for the first time in a long time.

As someone who has always struggled with weight, I have tried every gimmick, quick fix band-aid solution on the market seeking the permanent solution to my problem... but all I found was a big bill and disappointment.

By Aug. 2012 I had finally reached my rock bottom. 

I was at my all time highest weight (5'4 185lbs), I was a stay at home mom who was overweight, unhappy, un`healthy, and extremely depressed. 

I was desperate for a change but not like before... I was ready to commit to the lifestyle.

And it wasn't about me, it was for my family. they deserved the best me possible... it was about leading by example, setting an example, and creating a healthy future for me and my family.

Not only have lost 50 pounds & numerous inches, I have learned how to eat to live NOT live to eat!

Thats the GREAT thing about team beachbody. They provide the tools for success all you have to do is put in the effort... you can't FAIL. They set you up not just to succeed not just for NOT now gut for LIFE.

I have grown on a personally profound level... blogging my journey has allowed me to make deep and personal connections with others on the same path... to create unbreakable bonds and friendships. 

I was lead to Coaching....

It was a calling, a passion, a DESIRE to share with others everything that is possible when you let go of fear and dare to dream,... when you invent in yourself and work to create your future anything is possible. 

Now I am a stay at home Mom, LIVING a dream that has no limits. Setting goals, earning an income, creating the body of my dreams, and building real significance in my Family's future...

And this is just the beginning!!"

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