CLEAN Cake - Celebrate GUILT free with this AMAZINGLY sweet TREAT!

Fruit CAKE... Fruit + Cake = Fruit Cake, BUT, WRAP your mind around this -----> Fruit Cake - CAKE = Fruit Cake??? Oh yes I  just said it... but the truth is.... it's ReVoLuTiOn Fruit Cake and COMPLETELY clean, not to mention the presentation factor is a TEN! 

Someone in my team support group posted this the other day and I thought what an AMAZING way to still feel "TREATED" without the guilt of a carb loaded, processed, frosting coated... set back.

The recipe??? There wasn't one, but I will break the picture down into one... Just keep in mind this can TOTALLY be custom build to your taste... think of it as your OWN "Edible Arrangement"...

Materials needed... Knife and cookie cutter(s)

This Cake...

Musk Melon

Instructions: Cut your watermelon chunk and place your fruit. I would assume that the kiwi is held with toothpicks, and the musk melon is cut with small cookie cutters :) Should be a sinch to replicate and you could embellish and add your own creative twists!

GET CREATIVE and SHARE yours! Email it to me, OR post it on my FB page!


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