DIY French Manicure for $6 or LESS

 Here is my CHEAP girl Nail trick to look like a MILLION bucks!

Not only does this whole thing (the dots & polish) cost you a mere SIX bucks, YOU can do it OVER and Over and OVER for months at NO additional cost. Some people will call me cheap but I call it thrifty! It's literally been YEARS since I have gotten my nails done... YET everywhere I go people ask me who does my nails, Then I get the "REALLY??" look when I say "I do them"!

No joke you can get AMAZING french tips that LAST... and you don't feel so bad when you chip one hahahah...

So here is the deal... I start by trimming and filing and buffing my nails (seriously if you don't have one of those grinding tool, GET one!) <----- THEY are amazing!! You just want to buff the top layer of your nail lightly. You are just looking to remove the surface layer and smooth you nail out. It also helps to remove any staining from darker colors!

After I have done that I use Sally Hansen EXtreme wear ($2-2.50 at walmart), and poster reinforcement stickers (usually a buck) and then here is what you do...

1. Clear coat (let dry)
2. Apply sticker and make sure it adheres firmly
3. Apply White
4. remove sticker right away

REAL solutions for EVERYDAY life without BREAKING the BANK!

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