In Pursuit of HAPPINESS

In HOTT Pursuit of the DREAM....
So I think for this chubby girl the battle of the budge and LIVING the dream is back on AND kicked into overdrive. I know for me personally I feel like I have been doing great for the most part but I have my moments where I feel like I am slipping back... back to that bad routine of skipping meals, and missing workouts, seriously I know I can't go back there again! On and up from here right??

Sure enough I got on the scale and was slapped with the reality of those ribs, beers, and pool party's... oh summer why do you mess with me like this?? I added 5 pounds... YUCK, I know it's not 20 but that's how this process starts... Time to get serious again and kick that BBQ right off my plate.

That being said it's back to all CLEAN!

Consistent workouts, a SERIOUS routine...  and running an AMAZING business.

Today way day 4 of ChaLEAN EXTREME, Burn intervals and AB burner. AMAZING workout... I am ABSOLUTELY loving it and the slow deliberate movements!

Here is a day three pic and I was DRIPPING sweat!!!

No picture for today... UGgg I was having a crazy rough day with a major migraine! Feeling SO much better now!

Now to pend the rest of the night compiling my lists so that I can wake up tomorrow and EAT my FROG :)

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