A New Chapter in my Weight Loss Journey- ChaLEAN Extreme, Clean Eating, & Shakeology

I think I found a new LOVE with ChaLEAN Extreme... SHhhhhhh.... No one tell Shaun T. I'm cheating on him :)

It's not about being perfect or doing one thing, it's about finding what you can make WORK for what you need at the time...

What's new on the Insanity front?? Nothing... after two and a half rounds I am at a stalemate. I don't want to say I am bored... More like burnt out!?! I can always tell when I get off track or something needs to change, I become a complete Slacker in blogging my accountability. I could list a hundred and one things that are the reason... the kids are fighting, I have a mountain of laundry, and it never fails there is something in need a major scrub down <--- all those things TRUE, but they are mere excuses, and me being a self proclaimed reformed slacker can spot a EXCUSE even when I'm the one using it.

In a effort to WARD off sudden death and weight gain I have decided to pull out my FULL arsenal...  The other day I had my first official ChaLEAN Extreme workout. In all honestly I expected it to be another P90X.. and JUST like when I started Insanity I was DEAD wrong... YIKES, oh how I HATE being wrong!! But it does tend to happen more often than I like... I am semi resistant to change although it's something I am FULLY working to resolve, it does does tend to be an obstacle from time to time.

I was SERIOULSY pleasantly surprised with the workout, Slow deliberate movements with weights definitely made me FEEL the burn, I am thinking it might be nice Insanity break without BORING me to death like P90X! Sorry P90X fans, after Insanity there were some PRETTY Big shoes to fill.

So Now it's onto Chalean. Official 1st Round Starting Saturday :) Wish me LUCK... and count on total accountability... Might even do v-logs, GOING big from here on out :)

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