Turbo JAM & Shakeology RESULTS!!!

Cassie B. lost 33.4 lbs in 4 months!
Fitness Program: Turbo Jam®
Nutrition supplement: Shakeology®

"Before the Beachbody Challenge, people often asked me when my next baby was due. I was so offended but, knew it wasn't their fault. it was mine, and I needed to make a change. ...I chose Turbo Jam because I had sampled it from a friend about 5 years ago and really liked it! The music, Chalene Johnson that little spit fire trainer, and I liked the convenience of being able to pop in the disk and work out at home. ...When I started the challenge I was wearing a 16 or 14 jeans. About 3 weeks ago, I went and got myself a pair of size 10 jeans and they fit great!!! Next up single digit pant size! I am also unbelievably stoked I lost 12.5 inches off of my waist and reached my goal...actually slightly exceeded my goal of 30lbs lost!"

Via BB challenge contest


  1. I have the SAME pant as in pic 2!! LOVE these RESULTS!

  2. did you just drink a shake for every meal for 4 months?

  3. NO not EVERY meal! Shakeology is a once a day meal replacement health shake, you still eat REAL food! Breakfast, snack, Lunch, Snack, dinner, snack(optional)... unlike a lot of other meal replacements that have their own snacks and multiple shakes a day this isn't like that :)

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