Week one of ChaLEAN Extreme DOWN...

I can't wait to see the results after 90 days! The first week has been AMAZING! I am LOVING the slow deliberate movements and REALLY feeling like I am getting the MAX benefits are REALLY learning the PROPER for for lifting! Plus seriously Charlene's personality is off the HOOK!!! I am definitely LOVING everything about this program.

On the personal development front (this is something that is relatively new to me!). Don't get me wrong I like to read but I have never read anything that is about bettering yourself, but I must say it has been AMAZING. I am learning SO much about myself and what I want... I just ordered Dani Johnson's new book and paid for a subscription to her site and HOLY WOW... can I ever relate to her story and I am digging her personality. 

The future is looking AMAZING... and I am the most excited I have ever been!!


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