Fun with CLEAN Food

I posted something not too long ago about a Fruit Cake... literally cake made entirely of Fruit! AMAZING, beautiful, DELICIOUS and nutritious! Clean Eating isn't about concentrating on what you can't eat it's about EXPLORING all the possibilities with the foods you CAN eat!! Now... I know what you are thinking, "Diet food BLAH... I'm not interested"... NOPE I'm talking about WHOLE natural foods my friends... you know the stuff our Grandparents called food! WOW how times have changed... now everything comes manufactured in a box, the natural molecules changed into a man made chemical cocktail...

YES, I know... pre-packaged food is CRAZY affordable, or SO you think. More like "affordable at the time". But there could be devastating consequences for your long term health. If you want better health or to lose weight your going to have to change your relationship with food! Instead of going for food that is easy and cheap go for the stuff that is NATURAL: Produce, lean proteins, and whole grains. Your body will process the more effectively and the calories are burned more efficiently not to mention you just said GOODBYE to all those nasty processing chemicals and mystery ingredients!

Take a look at these great WAYS to have FUN with your food!

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