Holy STRESS balls of FIRE.... I'm Moving!

It has been a CRAZY tough couple of weeks on the home front. The little voice in my head keeps on whispering "Only worry about the things you can control" but my brain hasn't been listening and I've been on a level 10 freak out.

Here is the SHORT version of what's been going on. My husband and I have always preferred renting, Do we know we are paying more than we have to by not buying, absolutely! The house we have been living in now is GREAT but shortly after we move in the Landlord (LL) started pressuring us to buy it... even though I made sure to ask her when we were looking at the place if she had any problems with "long term renters" <---- seriously we hate moving! Of course she was like oh no that's definitely NOT a problem... let's just say 6 months later she was asking us to consider buying it.

After living here just about two years and my husband being a maintenance supervisor, we know the ins and outs of what it's going to take to update this place and the work that will need to be done on the pool in the very NEAR future is no JOKE. Anyways last month for the FIRST time ever I contacted the LL and asked if she minded if we were 5 days late on the rent. It seemed like no biggie... on day 5 my husband got called back into work and didn't make it to the bank before close. BEFORE I could even call her I noticed a new email from her basically starting out "after everything I have done for your family"... kinda making us sound like a Charity case. It still irritates me thinking about it... I had to reply back that...

 "I don't understand what you mean by that... "everything you have done to help my family"???  We replied to a rental listing, have lived here almost two years and NEVER been late, the rent has been raised and yet we never complained. You use to pay a pool service for your last tenant but now we take care of it... not to mention my husband replaced the pool pump (didn't charge you a thing), we replaced the hot water heater (we did take that off the rent but still had to go get it, install it, and dispose of the old one), we have cleared the roof of debris multiple times and CLEANED the gutters and down spouts, trimmed the tree branches that were dragging on the roof, He has repaired the AC unit on several occasions (saving you numerous service charges)... we had to completely CLEAN the house  before we moved in and STORE everything that was left here in the garage for about 6 months before you came and removed it. We have EVEN put sod down in the back yard.... we have been great tenants and cared for this house as if it were our own. If anything we are helping you."

Her response was... "Consider this your 3 month notice"

We have been putting off buying for YEARS, but would not consider this place because there is a LOT of work that needs to be done for the price she is asking and CONSIDERING at the two year mark we will have paid CLOSE to 21K in rent and that was not even a FACTOR in the price.

SO now we are in a FRANTIC search to buy a house and it seems SO complicated! We are in the process of getting pre approved from the bank, are credit is fine... not for seeing any problems there BUT it just seems like there really aren't that many houses in the area that are accepting FHA as a financing option, and it STINKS!!

The last couple of weeks I have been slacking in my workouts trying to organize and de-clutter everything in my house so that it can be packed up at a moments notice and WOW talk about stressful! I never realized how stressful house hunting could be... even though I know a HUGE part of it is because of the time frame we were given, which in reality now we are down to just over two months left!

Now that everything is a little less CRAZY (in some ways) I feel prepared and READY to jump right back into things! Today I am restarting Chalean Extreme (accountability post to come later).... wish me luck and SEND me all the good vibes you can... I think I am going to need them :)

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