Pita Nachos

Pita Nachos

1 pita, wheat, small, 4" diameter
1/8 teaspoon olive oil, extra virgin
3 tablespoons cheddar cheese, low-fat, low-sodium
1/8 teaspoon oregano, dried
1 piece jalapeƱo
8 fluid ounces water

You can add LOTS of veggies too, just SKIP the sour cream and opt for some plain greek yogurt for a sour cream flavor with NO guilt!

Slice open pita and brush very lightly with olive oil. Cut into triangular wedges. Sprinkle cheese evenly over pita wedges. Season with a pinch of oregano. Heat under broiler until cheese is melted. Add a slice of jalapeno, if desired or any veggies you choose! Enjoy with a glass of water.


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