12 Week Skinny Jean Challenge

Alright everyone...I got my challenge group all started for September-full with 10 girls who are COMMITTING and SUCCEEDING. I am NOW taking applications for my OCTOBER "12 weeks to SKINNY jeans CHALLENGE group" !!!Why because fall is in the air...and skinny jeans are my favorite!!!! My current group of ladies are learning so much about themselves and I am so proud of their hard work! THESE GROUPS WORK ladies!

Here is why!

They offer accountability, nutrition support, and a workout program from beachbody that works!!! You will not be left behind....you are in it with other people who want this as bad as you do!

If you have been on the fence about this....PLEASE CONNECT with me and we can chat! Nothing is wrong with asking questions that is what I am here for. I usually take between 5-10 people---first come first serve. I start 1 challenge group a month :] If you are ready to change your eating habits, focus on a NEW PLAN and a NEW YOU...Message me and say "ME"! I will send you the qualifications for the group!

P.S. This group is coming with a COMPLETE meal planner for everyone! HOW awesome is that????

Contact me today by Email OR on Facebook


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