Accountability: Insanity Day 1/63

change is just the combination of time and
EFFORT.... BEFORE Insanity Fit Test Day 1
Well folk today is the DAY! The official start of Insanity ROUND three and my Challenge group! I am EXCITED to see all my lady's change, and eager to get some MORE results myself!

This morning I got up, got a few things cleaned up and then hit the "FIT TEST" all I can say is HOLY WOW  the sweat WAS rolling and I want panting! Nolan (my 8 year old) was even like "Mom are you gonna be okay"! It was a BIT rough but the feeling after was AMAZING, that rush I had been missing!

My starting numbers were somewhat questionable but this round my plan is to concentrate on form over speed and REALLY work on keeping my core tight at all time. I definitely think by the END of this week I am going to be SUPER sore! It's been awhile since I have worked at this intensity!!

Whats the goal this round? Well I have gained 5 pounds back in the last months of slacking so the goal this round is going to be 10-15 pounds of pure FAT loss and to tone and tighten my midsection. I am thinking about going complete beast mode and adding a daily dose of ARX (ab ripper X) and see what that does!

Stay TUNED, I am anticipating INSANE results this round!!!

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