Accountability: Insanity Day 5/63


WOW, to quote Shaun "that S$#@ was Bananas", but I still LOVE it! I swear this is my favorite workout because there are NO breaks.. after the warm up and stretching are over you are IN it to WIN it! I love this program because it is a INSANE total body workout! I know some people will say you don't build muscle with the program and I say that is NOT true! As a girl who started out not being able to do a push up and can bust them out now... I have NEVER had shoulder muscles till now... INSANE!!!

So here is my DAY 5 round three accountability :)

And a few motivational images to go with it.... NEVER stop, WE only keep getting better! Be consistent and KEEP going! All the GREAT things you are doing will ultimately PAY off in the BEST ways!

In the Process.....

Some Quit due to SLOW progress. NEVER grasping the fact that SLOW progress is PROGRESS!


I can and I WILL....

Feeling HEALTHY and feeling good about yourself isn't a LUXURY, it's an
ABSOLUTE necessity!!

Fitness is like MARRIAGE you can't cheat on it and EXPECT it to WORK!


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