Accountability: Insanity Day 3/63

INSANE Accountability Day 3, round THREE... Cardio Power & Resistance.

I forgot what a TOUGH one this workout was! All the push up variations, power jumps, and globe jumps! Shaun T. REALLY pushed me to my limits today... and I know I am going to be feeling them LATER! I thought I was sore when I woke up, but I know I haven't hit FULL on sore YET!

It's about to get "Frankenstein" up in here! Oh yeah... that is my LOVING name for week one. I call it FRANKENSTEIN WEEK! Why you ask?... Because that is how you will walk! Hahahaha this is a TOUGH week, hands down one of the toughest in the whole program! As sore as you are the next day, once you start digging DEEP and stretching out, the pain goes away... till later LOL.

I am PUSHING for MORE insane results so wish me LUCK :)


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