Accountability: Insanity Day 6/63

YES!! I did it... week one of Insanity is DONE and I feel like a complete BEAST!! I did the whole week with my weight gloves, BUT I may be looking for some new ones tomorrow. I just don't like the way they bounce around, and shift and move... I just can make them as tight as I would like :( definitely going to either buy something else OR probably more likely being a UBER cheapskate I might just buy some velcro and SEW it on hahahaha, would that be a bad thing?? LOL

My calves are starting to pop again :)
I am EXCITED about this round. Week one is down and I am already feeling tighter... even the hubs agrees Insanity is MY "Jam". I am a firm believer  that cardio based programs work better for some people and and weight based programs for others. Don't get me wrong I LOVE lifting... but I think cardio just is my "It WORKS" (<---- NOT referring to the it works body wraps that are a COMPLETE joke! Back in the DAY it was a gimmick I might have tried but NOW... I know those easy outs don't exist! Hello, I can rub on some coco butter & wrap myself with saranwrap a LOT cheaper!! hahaha)

Anyways not to rant and BORE you here is my Insane ACCOUNTABILITY for day :)

Digging DEEP!!!!

HOTT sweaty MESS!!

My workout buddy today!


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