Accountability: Insanity Day 8/63

So I was on a Mission the other day to get some different weight gloves. I came up empty but I did grab and AWESOME gadget I have been WANTING for so long. A heart rate monitor that also measures calorie burn! I am always wondering if I am in my "target range" and really digging deep enough... Today I got my answer (hehe I'm sure I pushed it a little more too) BUT my heart rate stayed in my target range and it said my workout (based on my profile and heart rate) burned 740 calories!! WOOP woop... haha NOW that's digging DEEP!

Week two and I am feeling so much better now! I have finally gotten out of the Frankenstein phase!! My muscles are no where near as SORE and Fatigued.. Today I was dripping sweat in BUCKETS! The pics don't even do it justice hahaha

Here is some ACCOUNTABILITY for the Day!


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