Accountability: UPDATE Day 20/63 -MAJOR News-

SO I bet you guys are wondering where my accountability pics are? Let's just say life here has been SHEER chaos! I am still getting my workouts in but have been INSANELY BUSY... I didn't want to get "Overly EXCITED" about it what has been going on BUT... NOW I officially can talk about it. I don't want you to think I have dropped out or went MIA, I am still here... "life's" just causing a FEW issues!

My Family (hubs, me & the kiddo's) rent a pool house right now. The rent isn't bad but man the water and electric are ROUGH! Our Land Lord wants to sell the house so we have been looking for another place for awhile. We wanted to get place that isn't a step down BUT leaves us plenty of money to do the fun stuff (nascar, Busch Gargens... ya know, the LIVING in life!)... plus we have a 80 pound LAP dog, a LAZY Chocolate Lab named "Roscoe P. Coletrain". He makes it a BIT tough to find a place :(

We finally found something... and I have been JUMPING out of my SKIN!!! Now don't get me wrong there are some serious drawbacks... BUT they are well worth it! I am giving up a LOT of square footage for a CONDO across the STREET from the GOM (Gulf of Mexico) in a TINY 8 unit complex WITH a pool!! BOOM!!!!!

It's kind of "the BEST of both worlds"! I get to keep the "pool" and I don't have to clean it or pay for it... NOT to mention water and basic cable are INCLUDED! All I got to do is pony up for ELECTRIC bill, did I mention I am WAY cutting my SQFT <--- PLUS some clutter! For the last week I have been going through everything with a fine tooth comb and it has felt liberating. It will nice to be COMPLETELY organized again and cut out all the excess!

I am so excited I could BURST! This has been my DREAM for a LONG time :) BUT that being said, I am moving in LESS than two weeks (a week I get keys!!) It's gonna be BUSY... I will make time to workout but that's it... accountability is on hold due to "Family MOVING in progress"!

We get the keys Wednesday and will start moving in! I MOST likely will not be back to full on accountability beast mode till recovery week... maybe even week one of month two... not quite sure yet. I know once I get in there it will be nothing to get it all unpacked and going!

Here is some accountability from yesterday... I will be BACK so stay TUNED!

Catch you guys in the NEXT post :)

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