The HIGHS and LOWS of Fruit Sugar

Fruit is no-doubt an important part of our diet. Full of fiber, antioxidants and other phytochemicals, fresh fruit is a great source of sustainable energy. Unlike foods with mostly simple carbohydrates and sugar (like hard candy, cake and donuts) whole fruit contains fiber and other nutrients, which allow the body to feel more full and to absorb the sugar slowly over time, leaving you with lasting energy.

The problem is many people today consume an excess of sugar, which causes inflammation, and can lead to a variety of diseases. When it comes to fruit, some choices are better than others. Since dried fruit and fruit juice contain a higher-concentrated sugar content, whole fresh fruit is generally a much better bet. Additionally, prioritizing low-sugar fruit can help keep your overall sugar consumption in check.

Here is a list showing where fruits rank on the sugar-content spectrum. Sugar and carb counts vary based on growing conditions, species and other factors.

Fruits Lowest in Sugar

-Lemon and Lime

Fruits Low to Medium in Sugar

-Casaba Melon
-Honeydew melons
-Apricots (fresh, not dried)

Fruits with Medium-High Sugar Content


Fruits with Highest Sugar Content

-Dried fruit (raisins, dried apricots, prunes)

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