I know... I have been completely MIA for awhile now! Moving seriously SUCKED the life right out of me this time! I think I seriously underestimated the added challenge in moving into a second floor condo that is the FARTHEST from the road! All I can say is I am getting too old for all that LOL...

That being said, I am HERE NOW! All moved in, unpacked, and feeling more organized than EVER!

My son is registered, enrolled, and attending his new school! I gave him the option to stay or transfer, and he was ready for a change! The best part is he is SO excited to be a "bus rider" for the first time. His old school had two buses and it was CRAZY hard to get on one if you lived within two miles of the school!! I am glad he gets the opportunity now, that's almost a right of passage!! I lived in BFE Michigan so I definitely got to ride a bus!

I am absolutely loving the condo and the easy going beach atmosphere .. it's AMAZING how different things are here compared to where we were! We have been over to the beach several times, actually getting ready to head over there with baby girl when I am done with this :) It's SO nice to be able to hang at the beach and walk home to a pool I don't have to clean LMAO!

Here are a FEW pics of my new pad :)

Now for the accountability.... well I am human and admit that is was a LOT harder than I thought to do all the packing moving and unpacking all while keeping up with my workouts in the chaos of things! I definitely missed TOO many workouts! SO we are going to have to do a round three RE-start!! Monday is GO time!!! BACK to the accountability, workouts, and blogging!

I hope your ready!! 

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