Insanity Workout Accountability week 2

I hear SO many EXCUSES! No time, NO energy, NOT enough money... Your situation does not DEFINE you, YOU define YOURSELF! The reality is if you want something you have to go out and CREATE it, WORK for it, BUILD it, and EARN it... nothing in this life is free... the MORE you want the harder you have to work, Success is waiting AS long as you want it ENOUGH to put in the TIME... It doesn't matter if you are starting from the first floor or the 10th... Desire, DRIVE, & Determination will propel you to your DESTINATION, as LONG as you believe..

I use to be the QUEEN of EXCUSES! It was an ART FORM that I mastered! But LAST  year around this time I decided to change all that! Instead of sweaty workout pics (you'll be able to find those on my FB page ... just this week) I am doing a progress till now pic... this is where I am at TWO weeks into my round three restart... this is after two full rounds and on and off workout to maintain... NOW it's ON like DONKEY Kong  I decided to finish this round and then hit me some asylum!

Oh yeah, it's time to get SERIOUS! I am starting a December 10th Asylum Challenge group, if your ready to tackle this beast contact me for more info!

50 pounds down SO far! Me day one and Me Yesterday!


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