Insanity Workout - Accountability

Well I am significantly behind on my round 3 rewind Accountability post... so Lets get started! Monday was day one of the round three rewind. My official restart of round three! I feel like a failure when I miss workouts and moving zapped the life right out of me. LIVING on the beach however is giving me some KILLER motivation! Hard not to live on the beach and NOT want a GREAT body. I am sure there will be people out there that think "oh she just want to flaunt a bikini at the beach" but that is DEFINITELY not the case... well not the whole case hahaha! Yes I want to wear a bikini at the beach but not to flaunt, I want to wear one because I never have... I have NEVER had the confidence or the body to openly sport a two piece and I think it's about time I change that! I am one happily married Momma so it isn't anything like that! It's about getting healthy, feeling confident, and LOVING my body for the first time in my LIFE... if not now WHEN?

This is my time to DO this!

Day 1 Fit Test

Day 2 Plyo Cardio

Day 3 Cardio Power & Resistance

today is Day 4 cardio recovery and I am JUST about to go hit it! Time to deep deep with some good OLE Shaun T RECOVERY!

Catch you guys tomorrow :)


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