Visual Motivation

It's true what they say, a picture is really worth a thousand words! Pictures can motivate us, inspire up, and EMPOWER us... they can help us push harder, FOCUS more, and WANT it. A great way to stay motivated is to get a daily does of VISUAL motivation!      

Let's commence with my FAVORITE images from the week... I hope this SPARK your drive to become the BEST possible you!

Where you turn when you FINALLY want to lose weight, get totally ripped, or dramatically
transform you body and health.. We've got everything you need to SUCCEED

People always say they want a new life or the chance to star over.
Well the truth is, you get that chance EVERYDAY but you choose
not to change.

NEWSFLASH - You were designed to SUCCEED! You were not designed
to just survive. You REALLY can do anything you put your mind &
Heat to!

Even if nobody believes in me, supports me, or RECOGNIZES my effort.

noun: A Perfectly Imperfect Female, A Trailblazer, A Record-BREAKER, a RULE-Maker, a Trendsetter,
A Game-Changer, A FORCE OF NATURE. verb: To KICK ass, to win with brains and BEAUTY, to make
things happen, to take the road LESS traveled, to do things first, to change the world, to create, to tell the truth.
adj: Adventurous, Authentic, Awesome, Beautiful, Bold, Bright, Candid, Chic, Cheeky, Clever, FUN, Hilarious,
Incentive, Kind, Loving, Notorious, Open-Minded, Original, Remarkable, Sexy, Smart, Spirited, Stubborn, UNFORGETTABLE, Vocal. Also see: YOU

Small Changes can make a BIG difference

The Beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it,
Learn from it and CHANGE, So that every new moment is spent not in regret, GUILT,
Fear, or ANGER but in wisdom, UNDERSTANDING, and love

RISE up and attach the day with ENTHUSIASM

Your body wasn't made for you to hate it! Whether you're skinny OR NOT! Your Body is BEAUTIFUL
if you believe it's BEAUTIFUL! Aim for PROGRESS not perfection!

The only person you are designed to become is the person you decide to BE!

When you want to give up just think of the people who would LOVE to see you fail.
Don't give them that PLEASURE!

Don't let anyone tell you.. you can't just because they CAN'T

Don't RUN from your FEARS. Embrace them. Understand them. USE them!


So this is my SNAPSHOT of motivation I hope it inspired you to GIVE just a little bit more the NEXT time you PUSH play!


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