WOW, really? When it rains it POURS!

Well guys... sometimes things happen, events transpire, and circumstances are BEYOND our control. You CAN'T help the WAY life happens, and sometimes you catch a left hook you just didn't see coming, a curve ball that throws you for a loop... You know that twist I am talking about RIGHT?!?! WOWZER... what can you do? Well you can determine how you react, how you control the events and how you shape a positive perspective out of something that to some could have been DEVASTATING. Do you STAY down or do you GET back up? YOU alone make that choice... and this is where you find ME! <--- Yup I caught the LEFT HOOK, the curve ball. and even the two point conversion... SUCKER punch to the face.

It appears that AGAIN for the second time in a month (<----LESS THAN!!!!!) I will be packing UP and MOVING my FAMILY! My initial REACTION (I am HUMAN!) was PANIC, outrage, & ANGER, with a balanced mix of tears and choice curse words! I choose to assume that is EXACTLY how ANY normal person would react (Hahaha!)... now it's time to get over the initial shock and make lemonade out of lemons!!

I bet you were wondering what happened right? Things were going GREAT till today!

I got a call WAY earlier (I have been procrastinating this post because I am heartbroken!) basically saying the Condo (Condo= privately owned apartment) association said there is a weight limit now and my dog is TOO big (so say-ith the "president") Complaints that he was Intimidating?!? Pssshhhhh that dog is more likely to drool on you than look at ya funny. Non Barker, NON chewer, LAZY as HECK... ALWAYS walked to the dog park NEVER property grounds!

Long STORY short it was my DOG or all of us, well WE chose my latter of the two. Sorry peeps, pets are a LONG term commitment... JUST like a kid! We accepted the responsibility for that guy and plan on protecting him! AS much as I love living on the BEACH I LOVE my dog TOO much to just "give him away". Not to mention say I do get rid of my dog, what will it be next week? Will my kids be too loud? Too much DRAMA at not even the month mark!

It's the principle and the double standard. Small barkers are fine but a big quiet (BEHAVED) dog isn't.. it's the fact that it was ok at first an now isn't...

The LL has been great, Nick went and looked at a house he has (Not ON the Beach :( ) BUT it is bigger (SUBSTANTIALLY), and nicer (according to Nick ( I see it tomorrow), BUT I do trust his judgement!)... and he is giving it to us for the same price (it could DEFINITELY have been more!)... SO all in all I guess we are stating YET another chapter!

I think this could be one of those everything happens for a reason moments... ya think?


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