I think we have been here before, and what can I say OTHER than I am growing and learning with you. Once again things are about to change around here... There will NOT be topic posts, or a schedule... it will be one post a day... ME doing my BEST to help anyone who will listen.

"Health, weight loss, fitness & motivation! Sharing my thoughts, ideas and lessons on this journey...helping me, helping you. Making a permanent lifestyle change and finding balance in the hectic chaos of motherhood, weight loss, and everyday life! BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, CONQUER!"

I truly am here to help those who reach out to me, but I am also on a mission to change my naughty slacker ways! It's just as much a journey still for me.. From Now on my posts are going to be ONE a day, I'm going to blog about my journey, the things I have done, the things that I am doing, It's going to be my thoughts, ideas and lessons I have learned. Things that have helped me, things that I think could help you!

I hope you if you are following and need help you REACH out to me, It's time to do this!


comment below to let me know what you think!