2013 "Fit For Life" Weight Loss Challenge

Well it's that time of the year again where people are stressing about the holidays and planning their New Year's resolutions. 2013 Is coming at us LIKE a freight TRAIN! Will you be READY for the new year?

SINCE we are the BRINK of CHANGE, I decided this would be the perfect time to announce my NEW year Challenge! BUT... this isn't just going to be ANY challenge group, this is going to be THE challenge group to END all groups! This will be a NO MORE RESOLUTION fit FOR life group!

2013 Weight LOSS FIT for LIFE challenge! Get Fit and healthy while you learn how to set goals, manage your time, and OVER come the obstacles that cause most to fail... Make a commitment to YOU, BECOME the person you WANT to be and Gain Confidence, STRENGTH, & Happiness! If you WANT to CHANGE don't HESITATE to contact Me♥ TODAY, LIMITED space!

We will FOCUS on fitness and NUTRITION but we are also going to tackle the obstacles that lead most to FAIL: REALISTIC goal setting, PROPER nutrition, MOTIVATION, & time MANAGEMENT! We are going to TAKE charge of our lives and focus on creating a HEALTHY future that is maintainable! This is about taking the first steps and MOVING forward, NO more excuses JUST results!

I have the TOOLS for you to SUCCEED as long as you WANT it!

I am designing this group to be a comprehensive LIFE altering, HEALTH amplifying, MAX results experience!  I will set you with EVERYTHING you need to SUCCEED you just have to put in the EFFORT!

If your READY to REALLY transform this group is JUST what you NEED!


  1. How do I become a part of this?

  2. Contact me for all the details, you can message me on facebook There is a link in my social profile box to my personal page OR on the silder tab on the right there is a link to my coach page) or you can email me MelissaMorris@CoachMMorris.com

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