Accountability: TurboFire workout

I am just having WAY too much fin with TurboFire & Instagram! This is my REST day though and I am HAPPY it's here!

I am thinking that From now on here on my blog, I am going to focus one day to do a weekly workout update! If you want to see my Daily accountability your going to have to follow me on Facebook or Instagram! I am going to try to keep my blog focused on tips and advise with a little injection of me!

SO this week... I am feeling the FIRE and definitely feel like I am catching the swing of things. Yesterday was my first HIIT workout and I LOVED it!!! I think that in some ways it's harder than Insanity. Sports drill are NOTHING compared to learning choreography! I am struggeling to get into the flow of her moves but confident I will get it down!

Here is a pic from yesterday!

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