To Insanity and BACK

You may wonder why I chose the name "To Insanity and back", you may even wonder what it means. Well... it has a double meaning... yes it relates to the workout program Insanity but it also is my journey as a whole. The insane part has been the trip itself. I went from a CLASS "A" slacker and EXCUSE maker to LEARNING how to make it happen! It's been QUITE interesting seeing the response of those who are the closest to me....

I have done a LOT of research into clean Eating, working out, & personal development... but I am STILL learning, absorbing and CHANGING! <---- There is more of that "Insanity". As much as I do LOVE Insanity it's time for a BREAK... time to EVOLVE and keep moving forward. Tomorrow I am going to start my TurboFIRE challenge! I am EXCITED to embark on this new adventure and as always you can count on a DAILY accountability post while on this program. I am hoping to do some fun COOL things this time so stay tuned!

BTW, sorry I have been MIA... I was getting everything in order, NOW IT'S GO TIME!


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