TruboFire W1D4 - W1D5

Ok so here we go again! Somehow I manage to type this LONG awesome post only to somehow MANAGE to delete it! Oh well, I guess I just need to get more CREATIVE this time.. wish ME luck!

So like I started out the first time, Today is day five and I am posting my workout accountability for day four and TODAY making me up to date! WOOP woop GO ME! Seriously how AWESOME does it feel when you are completely caught up?!? I know for me it's definitely an accomplishment! ESPECIALLY this time of year! Holidays = SHEER chaos for me and I am sure I am NOT alone! BUT this year I am NOT letting it get the BEST of me! THIS is my PLAN....

Who is with me? I focused on my goals last year and WANT to make this year EVEN better!

So yesterday was FIRE 30 Stretch 10... WOW GREAT workout and I am starting to catch on, not only is it a CRAZY awesome workout BUT it's intense YET FUN! I seriously have a BLAST every workout! 

HERE are my workout accountability pics from yesterday and today!

It's GO time... 

Not only is it go TIME for me, it's GO time for my TEAM! 13 Ladies are taking this challenge with me and we are already seeing some serious CHANGES!


Catch you tomorrow for day 6!


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