TurboFire D1W1 (FIRE 30 Stretch 10)

So yesterday was my OFFICIAL start date for my 90 day TurboFire EVOLUTION and I must say so far I am pretty impressed! It had CRAZY energy, was surprisingly FUN, yet it was still pretty intense! I am looking forward to learning the moves and really getting the routine down. I should HAVE done the "new to class" option, but I just jumped right in hahahaha <---- MISTAKE!

It's definitely a completely different workout than insanity. More deliberate and choreographed, rather than sports drills. In that aspect I would say I found Insanity to be a LOT easier. I was heavily into sports back in the day so most of the move I have done before in drills... Turbo on the other hand was HARD ---> this girl has ZERO rhythm!!  BUT I must say I am looking forward to my workout today.

Because I started with insanity I have a problem finding workouts that can compete with that level of intensity... When I did p90x it killed me... not the workout but the SLOW pace of the program. I think I might do a ChaLEAN Extreme/TurboFire hybrid next, just to add some of that weight training into my routine but still get my cardio FIX!

I can't wait to see the REST of these workouts!

Here is my BREAKDOWN of day one:
LOTS of energy
GREAT music
Chalene is AMAZING
I took NO extra breaks!
The choreography is TRICKY, but FUN! I can't wait to get it down!
It's FAST paced (the workout was OVER before I knew it)
I was DRIPPING with sweat by the end!
I felt like a BOXER!

I am thinking that my Man Shaun T might have some competition on his hands for the spot of my FAVORITE trainer! We will have to wait and SEE!

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