Turbofire workout Accountability W1D2 - W1D3

Day tow of TurboFire was Fire 15 stretch 10, and I must say for the SHORT length of the workout (the number is the time... so fire 15 is 15 minutes long!) is was a POWER house!! It got me sweating a moving and bumped my heart rate right up!

I have to say I am really getting into these workouts! Insanity I dreaded! Don't get me wrong I LOVE that program but I DREADED pushing play everyday because I knew Shaun T was going to try to kill me hahaha.... Chalene is pushing me but it's completely different, still INTENSE but different!

So here we go... here are SNAP shots of day two! Day 3 was "rest day"... so Today we are back on for day 4!!

Catch you TOMORROW! I'm off to hit day 4!

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