New Year NEW you NEW ME

It's been pretty quiet around here right? Bet your wondering what's been going on RIGHT?! Well here is me being REAL. The cynic in me always wonders if there is anyone reading these, or if I am just writing to myself... the optimist inside always counters with "it just takes one". Things may have seemed quiet on here but there is something brewing on my facebook page!

I think we all reflect inward around the Holidays. Especially come new year we question if we have been doing everything we can, if we are going in the right direction, and if we are giving it out all. New years always seems to be the time that we RESOLVE to be better. We set resolutions, and demands but do we REALLY give ourselves a fighting chance to SUCCEED? NO we don't.

This year I decided to do something a little different. I had my "ah ha" moment (ONE of many!! but it's the latest and most calculated)! It's time to put a END to the things that cause you to fail.... and I am snubbing mine out like a black ops sniper! I looked at this year, all the changes I have made, all the success I have had... it's been a GREAT year, but not the best. I did what I had to do but never really gave it my all. I didn't find my 100%. Don't get me wrong I have had GREAT results and I have maintained, seriously that is a HUGE victory in itself! I am proud but I have gotten comfortable... some of my old nasty habits have been creeping back in.

This year I CHALLENGED my page to clean their physical house. I am totally doing it TOO... I decided at Christmas I make too many excuses. It's easier to maintain than to start so I am bringing order to the chaos! Working on my household BINDER! (<--- thanks Megan!) It's going to be my ROCK and be DETAILED like a MOFO! I am working on the schedules, chores list, and time blocking my days.... There will also be sections for bills & expenses, Meal plans, and shopping lists! For me I need to focus on removing the distractions... I am going to do through EVERYTHING in my house... TOP to BOTTOM and organizing, I am going to catch everything up (I completely BLOW at getting my laundry done!)... and then I am going to focus on maintaining the order! I am finding my balance between Mom, wife, coach, and house keeper hahaha.... so by adding more order I think it will be easier for me to focus on the things I want to do and the things I need to do. No more excuses I'm trimming the fat ;)

Where I am, compared to where I want to be is direct reflection of my compounded effort throughout the year. Some goals weren't reached and I have to accept the BLAME for that. I have found this inward reflection to be the most significant to date. I thinks it really boils down to all the personal development books I have read this past year. Most have opened my eyes to things I never thought of...

This year I am stepping up to the PLATE.. yes you heard me right! This is a PUBLIC vow to really BRING it in 2013... and not just with my health and fitness. I am stepping it up as a MOTHER, WIFE, and COACH! This is the year the BIG things start taking shape and I am EXTREMELY excited to be sharing that with you!

The first big thing you are going to see changed is my schedule. I need to bring a crazy level of order to my day and that means time blocking my schedule. I want to completely plan my day that way I don't get caught up in the wrong things! Sometimes I think it's too easy for me to get distracted then before I know it the day is over... that's where I am ending the excuses! It's going to be about DETAILS.

Then there is my Challenge groups. I have completely OVERHAULED my group plan. It's going to be one of a kind... we will focus on fitness, nutrition, and the obstacles that cause most to fails: time management, goal setting, breaking barriers, and staying positive and FOCUSED! I 'm intent on building positive, PRODUCTIVE, encouraging relationships!! Hands down this is IT for me!! I am MOST excited about the QUALITY of my challenge experience. I want people who commit to the transformation to know I am 100% committed to THEM. For me this is beyond your generic challenge group, I am a beachbody coach BUT my goal is to help people GROW, I truly am invested in my groups and this is going to be BIG!

Instagram!!! <---- YES I am finally on there! If you follow me I will follow you :) I do almost ALL my own pics... I am really going to start using it to showcase my OWN custom images! PLUS this is where you will find ALL my accountability posts!

My Facebook page... It's going to get MORE real up in here! I'm a planning on throwing out a GENUINE about me. It's going be be a LONG read... (coming soon to the NOTES!) Plus my post are going to be a MIX of fact and ME. I am ALSO kicking off the new year with a GIVEAWAY! A absolute and complete FREEBIE! Check out my page for the DETAILS! Winner will be drawn the 7th and I will post a VIDEO!

MY blog... here is the BIG Daddy of changes! I will be posting 2-3 genuine WRITTEN by me posts a WEEK! Authentic, down to earth, real and RAW... me trying to help you by sharing what I have learned! I MIGHT post about beachbody from time to time but this blog will be more FOCUSED on sharing what I have learned.

I hope you are as EXCITED about the NEW year as I am!!!


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