Clean Eating Recipes

Ready to GET CLEAN?

The biggest part of long term weight loss success and creating a health lifestyle is CLEANING up your diet. Sounds easy right? WELL maybe not as much as you think. We are living in the age of "convenience" food. Most people THINK they eat fairly well but they are still consuming a LOT of junk. Simplified, eating clean means stripping your diet of nutritionally meaningless foods. This means no fatty, fried, processed, sugary stuff. It's all about WHOLE natural FOODS.


  • Stop eating anything fried, sugary, and processed
  • Start eating a ton more veggies and lean protein
  • Eat things in their whole form! Fresh fruits, veggies, real meat (not patties, chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc.)
  • Replace refined carbs (like white rice) with whole grains (brown rice, quinoa)
  • Drink tons and tons of water to stay hydrated
  • Eat 5-6 times a day. If this is not possible, it is ok to do 3 a day, but just make sure each meal is balanced
  • Make and take meals WITH you so you can AVOID temptation
  • PLAN ahead, prep your meals in advance!
If you want to understand EXACTLY why processed foods are BAD for you read: Food 101: Why Processed Food Is Bad For You

NOW that your ready to CLEAN it up your probably WONDERING "what DO I eat"? There is good NEWS... Clean food does NOT have to be BLAH! There are TONS of GREAT recipe sites out there check out my Recipe Board on Pinterest or peek at my LIST of favorite SITES! 

FAVORITE Pages list:

1. The Gracious Pantry (BLOG) (Facebook) What can you find here?? ANYTHING and everything and it's ALL AMAZING! If your not Following this blog or page YOU need to!! Here are a FEW examples...

2. SkinnyTaste (Blog) (Facebook)
3. Slender Kitchen (Blog) (Facebook)
4. The Naked Kitchen (Blog) (Facebook)
5. Clean Eating Magazine

So this is just a SHORT list of my MOST favorite place to collect recipes from! Number 1 and 2 are definitely my FAVORITES but you get the idea... THERE are tons of RECIPES out there, you can MAKE GREAT nutritious meals without sacrificing FLAVOR or your health!

Remember YOU can't out train a BAD diet!


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