DIY Parallettes

Your probably wondering "What is a Parallette?" and what can I use it for?!? I know that's what I was thinking when I first heard of them. Yesterday one of my coaches told me she was making these and it peaked my interest! After spending a LOT of time on google and youtube I decided YES I have to have my OWN set! I love having a diverse selection of equipment and LOVE me a good DIY project.

In this post I will share with you what parallettes are, what you can use them for, and how you can make your own for dirt cheap!

Parallettes are a gymnastics tool that simulate parallel bars — which are similar to dip bars. You can use a pair of parallettes to to wallstands, handstands, dips, ab exercises, and tons of other weird, gymnast stunts.

NOW I will hit you with the Instructions: CLICK here

BUT what can you do with them?? Below you will find some video demonstartions but ALSO check out this Parallette training guide---> HERE


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