Kick Low Self Esteem to the CURB

How to Kick low self-esteem to the CURB! Ten proven methods to help you boost your low self-esteem today. No B.S. here, just ten sure-fire techniques to help you get started on beating low self-esteem today.

1. Create an Awareness of Where the Low Self-Esteem Originates From. Often it is a single turning point, or a series of events in our lives that contribute to us having detrimental self-esteem. Identify these moments and write them out, no matter how painful or uncomfortable reliving the experience makes you feel. The first step in combating low self-esteem is destroying its root – and in this case it is those initial events. Once you know where these beliefs are coming from, you can begin to challenge them.

2. Write Out How You Would Like Others to View You As. Now that you have a better idea of what type of person you want to present to the world, can you honestly say that you are acting inaccordance with this vision of yourself? Are the habits, actions and interactions with people reflective of this vision of yourself? Write out the actions, behaviours and methods of interaction with others that truly reflects the person you want to be.

3. Master Self-Talk. Think back to the last time you stumbled, hit a roadblock or outright failed. What were the first things you said to yourself in your mind? If you are like most people who live with undisciplined thoughts, the thoughts probably carried the tone of something this: “I’m no good.” “I don’t deserve it.” “I’ll never achieve anything worthwhile.” This negative self-talk will powerfully reinforce low self-esteem. But just like self-esteem, changing the conversation you are having with yourself is an adjustable process. In YourGoalBook I outline 4 powerful techniques you can use to immediately put negative self-talk to bed for good.

4. Build Goals. The quickest way for you to shatter low self-esteem is through the act of accomplishing goals. When you set a goal, follow a plan, and then achieve it, you reinforce all of the good thoughts you have about yourself. You create confidence, motivation to do bigger and better things, and your self-image drastically improves. Set all sorts of goals, small, medium, and long term, and ruthlessly chase them.

5. Perfection is a Myth – So Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. Look, nobody is perfect. Nobody.

We all have pain, and we all have suffering in various degrees. There is no such thing as the perfect life, so don’t for a second imagine that it is realistic, or that someone else has it while you will never have it. Instead, choose to follow your dreams and goals and focus on achieving things.

6. Redefine Failure. People with low self-esteem see failure as an affirmation of their low self-worth. Failure in its truest form is the act of giving up. Failure is not struggling, it’s not hitting a roadblock. Failure comes only when you refuse to work your way past the struggles and setbacks in your journey to your best life.

7. Take Care of Yourself. We get one body, so treat it like the temple that it is! Not only will you live longer and significantly healthier, but you will also feel exponentially better about yourself.

8. Be Assertive. You can do this without being overbearing or arrogant. Often times those with low self-esteem tend to be push-overs. Learn to say no once and a while and you will find people will start viewing you with more respect. Once you establish clear boundaries for your life it signals that you value your time and youself.

9. Support Others in the Pursuit of Their Dream Life. Giving back does so many things; it creates a feeling of positive self-worth, gives you purpose that is greater than yourself, and it gives you an opportunity to show the world what you have to offer.

10. Surround Yourself with Positive People. Are the people in your life fostering your low self-esteem, or do they want to see you living a more positive, productive life? Be brutally honest here – often times it is too difficult to cut loose those negative influences and enablers.


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