DIY Workout Shirt

Guilty as CHARGED! I am a hardcore do it yourself-er and I LOVE a new project. Today's adventure was a DIY tank. I don't know about you but me and white have problems! I LOVE love LOVE it, but sadly it doesn't LOVE me back! It seems like every time I get something white either me or the kids stain it right up! I have a TON of tanks that are just sitting around collecting dust! Why haven't I throw them out? great question... and I am NOT sure LOL, but I think I finally found a USE for them!!

This is a SIMPLE spray paint shirt and I will be posting a complete how to on my blog later today! Definitely a FUN one and you don't need much!

*spray paint (next time I will look for a spray fabric paint)
* permanent marker (if you want a saying or words)
*wax paper or cardboard

You start with your design, I just used a simple heart and cut it out using wax paper.

Put a sheet of wax paper inside the shirt so there in no bleeding when you spray. Now put on your cut out and start the paint application. I just used a BASIC flat black spray paint.

Let it dry and then add some optional personal touches! I went with "Beast Mode" you can just use permanent marker. When the shirt has dried HAND wash and let air dry... then ROCK your workout! 

I even tested it out on some Insanity Plyo today and it passed the TEST! Workout APPROVED!

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