Run your Business: Organize your DRIVE part 2

 Back in December early January I posted a blog about getting organized. That is where I introduced my handy dandy household binder! Talk about a stroke of sheer genius right there. So far that binder has made this YEAR rock. I have focused on EVERYTHING I needed to be and it's really been a life saver of sorts. The other day I was "Re-organizing" and it hit me! As GREAT as the binder was I need a separation of "work and home". Don't get me wrong I LOVE that thing, BUT I was thinking how cool would it be to have all my household lists and to do's in one place and all my business stuff in another.... Wow did I just say COOL while talking about organizing my chores?! Yeah that just happened .. I swear it was my OCD talking!!

My Last binder I used template lists I found on other sites, ALL very cool... BUT this time I wanted something more specific tailored exactly to my business needs that I could also pass down to my TEAM to help them BUILD, organize, and FOCUS.

AS promised I am going to BREAK down how I am getting MORE ORGANIZED with my business. I love BOOKS and I am all about reference material, something you can pull out, flip to the page and find the answer you are looking for. I know... in the digital age it's a TAD old school, BUT I still LOVE it...

Here is my BREAK down of every page, tab, and section!

Pages: These are in plastic covers so that I can mark things off or write notes in dry erase marker (specially on the to do list!!)

Cover- Yeah this is OPTIONAL, want it to LOOK fancy? Add a COVER!

Resources- This is a list of my contact info, coach relations, and a detailed list of our groups!

Coach Daily to Do List- NOT sure what you should be doing? This is where you LAY it all out! The "Daily to do" is a comprehensive list of everything I need to be doing on a daily basis. Let's face it, with social media it's easy to get caught in the "TIME suck" and lose focus on what you should be doing. Spending too much time on facebook, yet getting nothing accomplished? A list like this lays it all out there for you in black and white!

Goals List- You should have at least 3 goals per month and action steps to reach them... THESE ARE SMART goals... completely achievable within the time frame.

Challenger list- This is a list of people who have either expressed interest OR committed to being on one of my challenge groups.

Client List- This is a list of people who are signed up with me as their coach, NOTE: this is not a complete list. I have an excel spreadsheet for that one, this one is more for the people who I am in regular communication with, and others I am working with more closely.

Coach List- This is a list of my personally sponsored downline with a check box for rank status (I use pencil on so it can easily be updated. I included sections for my "Emeralds", as my team grows though this list would also track my diamonds.

Contacts List- This is a "weekly" contact list: 6 days a week up to at LEAST 5 new contacts per day.

Success Club/Monthly Goals- This is something new and it's actually going to be part of an upcoming training group I am working on. The concept of this list is to set monthly goals for success club, new coaches, and earnings. You can use this sheet to see your goal, chart your progress, and PLAN to succeed!

TABBED sections: filled with LOTS of paper!

Blog- This section I use to plan post, jot down ideas, and note details to improve. I also note my favorite key words and the "blogger" tricks and tools I keep in my arsenal!

Team Website- This section I have a few things... What I have done to the site, a list of the info on there, all the things I plan on adding, FUTURE post topics, and new's and updates.

Facebook Page- This is where I note little facebook quirks and tips, common images sizes, planned posts, events, etc.

Team Calls- This is where I am taking notes for planned presentations, team calls, and other topics I want to cover.

Training- Ideas for training groups and boot camps, motivational tips and leadership ideas.

Challenges- Ideas for new monthly challenge groups and mini challenge groups.

Marketing- Image design ideas, promotional ads, logo ideas, etc.

Personal Development Notes- HUGE section! Lots of Dani Johnson notes and notes from everything I read. I have serious OCD and like noting favorite quotes, sayings, and ideas the resonate with me that way I can share them with my team.

So.... THERE you have it. A snap shot of my organization... I'm sure this will be modified and added to, BUT it gives you the BASIC idea. What I like to do is brainstorm about what I think are the most important thing in my business, what I need to work on, and my goals. Life is all about figuring out where you want to go and taking the steps to get there.... are you going to SIT on the sidelines OR are you going to work your business?!

Are you a coach that thought this was helpful, or do you just have an addition or idea?! I would LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a comment!


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