WATER BOMB: Are you getting enough water?

I posted a picture on my facebook page last week that was a picture of a water bottle broken down into drink times. GREAT idea but they used a 20 oz bottle and had the times marked for all day... The rule of thumb is you should be drinking AT LEAST half your body weight in water ounces, MORE depending on your workouts and climate but you get the idea. The Idea was solid though... and water is a struggle for me so I decided I would adapt it to my intake goals! I think 20 ounces is kind of a JOKE so I decided to go with a gallon jug. 1 gallon equals 128 ounces!!

WATER BOMB!! <---- HOW many times have you seen that phrase posted?? Get your JUG and be ready No more thinking... MAKE a plan! Bomb yourself on a DAILY basis with a constant REMINDER of where you need to be at! Best part is you can DIY with a empty milk jug and permanent marker! Did I mention you can put your OWN little motivational touches on it!


TIP I used a measuring tape and did it in inches. 1 inch equals two hours.


  1. my daughter plays basketball and softball and has to keep up on drinking water, this is a great idea!

  2. I like this 32 ounce insulated bottle with time markers. It is only $9.99, so pretty cheap! It keeps my water cold all day as well and isn't as hard to lug around as a gallon. http://hydr-8.com/

  3. You just made getting my daily water a whole lot easier! It's a constant struggle. Thank you!

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  5. Do you drink that whole gallon? Ive always heard that you can drink too much water? according to my weight I need 85 gallons. Do I adjust accordingly or try for the gallon?

    1. half your body weight in ounces, not gallons. 85 gallons sounds impossible to me. lol
      ex: if you weigh 180, you should drink 90oz of water.. which is only 0.625 of a gallon. (a little over half)
      Good luck! I'm starting my water bombs tomorrow!

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