Beachbody Coach Business SUPER Binder

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Meet my COMPLETE Coach Business binder! This little (BIG) binder is definitely a labor of LOVE and something I personally use! As a confident successful beachbody coach you have to actively be present in your business. I have personally found that having a dedicated "business" binder has helped me focus on staying productive, managing my social media, and planning for the future. All of the planners and schedules have been specifically and intentionally designed to track, manage, and plan your business future. When you write out what you are doing you can see what works and what doesn't, you can adapt and change rather than sitting there scratching your head wondering what you are doing wrong.

Success doesn't happen overnight, it's the result of setting goals, taking action, and the compounded effect of of your planning over time. When you focus on staying productive instead of "busy" you are creating consistency in your business, you are building, and you WILL grow. You are the Manager and this business Management tool will help you PLAN for the "big DREAM" but it's up to you to take action.

This MEGA binder is 46 pages with 8 sections and covers everything from social media to business building and goals! These are high quality and print VERY nicely. HERE is an album on my facebook page with all screen shots, and actual printouts. Also CHECK out the MATCHING "Ultimate Health and Fitness Planner"!

This is something I give to my coaches for free but you CAN still get yours on Etsy or take advantage of the paypal SALE price below! Once you check out with paypal the PDF file will INSTANTLY be sent to you to download!

Daily Planning
-Activity Tacker
-Daily Schedule
-workout planner
-Weekly to do
-Monthly Goals
-Yearly Goals

-blog Calendar
-Post Planner (Individual)
-Post Planner (weekly)
-Post Series Planner
-Yearly Blog Plan
-blog Ideas

-Post Schedule
-Post Series Planner
-Facebook Calendar
-Yearly Facebook Plan
-Page Details

Coach Team
-Coach list left leg
-coach list Right leg
-Group post planner
-Call planner
-Team call topics
-team call ideas
-Yearly Team plan

-Challenge Calender
-Challenge post planner
-Challenger list
-Challenge contacts
-Challenge group planner

-Email planner
-Support group schedule
-client list
-Contact list

Business Planner
-Sale Log
-Expense tracker
-Monthly profit worksheet
-Yearly Business plan

Blank cover for Misc. section

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Additional Details: 
  • Once your payment has cleared a file download link will automatically be sent directly to your inbox. This is the email address associated with your paypal account (generally the one you use to log in with). If you are unable to find the the email to download or you have any other problems feel free to contact me by email OR on Facebook
  • Once purchased, these pages can be printed over and over on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. 
  • These files are sent electronically in a zip file. You will need to "unzip" the folder to view the files. This will not require any additional software unless you are downloading onto a smart devise. In that case you will an app that extracts/unzips folders. All computers come standard with the capability of doing this. 
  • Please make sure your PDF reader is up to date before viewing/printing to ensure no loss of quality, font distortion, or other visual issues. 
  • This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. To Insanity And Back retains all rights.
  •  Check the FAQ for more questions and answers. 
  • Due to the personalized nature of my products, I am unable to offer refunds or accept returns. Digital items are not tangible items that can be sent back to me, so please make sure to read the listing details to make sure that what you're ordering is right for you. That being said if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please contact me. I will be happy to work with you resolving any issues. 

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Download the How to Instructions here! Due to the personalized nature of my products, I cannot provide a refund once a digital file has been sent. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason I would be happy to work with you to get you the product you want.

Once purchased, these pages will be emailed to you and can be printed over and over as needed, or you can print one and laminate(or put it in a plastic sleeve) to be used over and over with a dry erase markers.

These files will be sent to you electronically in a PDF format, and can be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

*Please note: This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. To Insanity And Back retains all rights.


  1. Thanks so much Melissa! I just ordered this and wanted to find something...this might be IT! You Rock!

  2. Fabulous resource! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  3. Just bought it and super anxious to get organized! Thanks so much :)

    1. No problem! Let me know how it works for you!

  4. Replies
    1. I am actually working on a new copy with a different style of font. I redid my health and fitness planner in the same style. I have the pictures posted on my facebook page. I should have the new style posted (as well as pictures added) later tonight!

  5. I have a question: Who can I contact regarding my order? I order thru Paypal on July 2 and I have not yet received it. It appears as a payment made to the order of Kipp Saathoff for $10 and the transaction ID is 1WF21211HF565363R. Any help or info will be really appreciated, looking forward to receive mine, it is an awesome organization tool :)

    1. You were sent in link to the download right after your payment cleared. It's Automatically sent to the email associated with your paypal account. And I am showing it went to fantaisie.fashiontique
      Email Me and I will send you the files since your link will likely be expired.

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  7. Just ordered! Looking forward to getting it :)

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