CUSTOM Team Beachbody Binders

Are you READY to run your business like a professional ROCK star?

There has been a RIDICULOUS buzz around my Beachbody Business Planner and my Health and Fitness Planner. I personally feel these have been AMAZING assets to my business, team, and clients! NOW, you can ALSO have the same professional tools to build and EXPAND! I'm talking about CUSTOM team binders with NONE of my personal branding that you will be able to distribute to you clients and coaches!

I know I personally have over 20+ coaches and 500+ clients! So tools like these are essential to running my business. People need a starting point and these planners are a GREAT way to get you team digging DEEPER than ever before, and it will add a layer of professionalism to you "The Coach". These are great tools not only to help your team develop but to also help your clients reach their goals!

These binder will include:
  • Your Team name, or your personal web address on each worksheet page (none of my personal branding)
  • A Cover with your team Logo, or Team name
  • Optional limited color modification

These are something you will have the ability to share with your downline, and your downlines downline, as well AS your clients, challengers, and friends! The one limitation you will have is you can't re-sell it or claim it as your personal creation.

There will be 3 packages:
  • The coach Business Binder- $49.95
  • The Health and Fitness Binder- $49.95
  • And BOTH- $80
If you are interested in more details contact me using the form below.


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