Custom Team Beachbody E-cards & Tutorial

You see them all the time in your back office.... E-cards! They are a GREAT way  to stay in contact with your clients and coaches and keep them up to date on all the sales and promotions. BUT.... Did you know that you can create your own E-card and send it through your Beachbody coach back office?

Not sure how to make your OWN custom E-cards? I can HELP!

Check out my NEW "Trainer" Series E-cards! (you can see ALL the images here) There will be MORE styles and Designs to COME!

This set includes 5 PNG images for $25:
Welcome to Team Beachbody (this is for Clients)
You're a Coach (this is for new Coaches)
Just Checking in (this is a check-in to see how your clients are doing or if they need anything)
Thanks for your order
Blank (NO font template)

I will Customize it with you name and information (website, Email, Fb Page, Etc.) as well as give you a completely text free one to create future matching cards! When I send you the tiles I will also include details about the font used and where you can download it, as well as a link to the photo editing program I personally use. If your interested in getting your OWN set fill out the form below and I will contact you!

Once purchased you can expect to receive your custom E-Cards in 1-48 hours.


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