The ULTIMATE Health and Fitness Planner

Do you have a PASSION for fitness? Or are you about to EMBARK on your journey? Get Started on your health, fitness, and weight loss success story today with "The ULTIMATE Health & Fitness planner"! This planner includes EVERYTHING you need to get started setting goals and tracking your progress! There are 24 CUSTOM worksheets that cover everything from motivation to MEAL planning! Getting FIT is all about creating NEW healthy habits and you can use this planner as a tool to get started leading a permanent, healthier life today!

I know a LOT of you LOVE my Beachbody Coach Business Planner, but check OUT the Ultimate Health and Fitness Planner! This is your one stop SHOP to setting some serious goals! Are you ready for the body you have always wanted? I think it's time to get started planning your success right now!

I have always struggled with my weight! It's been a tough road but I am finally finding my FIT and you can too! Planning for success isn't just about preparing for the roadblocks, it's also about knowing why you started this journey, knowing what motivates you, and know what your GOALS are! In the 32 page PDF file you are going to find EVERYTHING that has helped me get my life back on TRACK! I will warn you, this is BUT a tool for you to plan you success, the REAL sweat and work is up to you!

Here is what you get..... A zip file containing 2 PDF file. One is the Ultimate Fitness binder, the other is a complete instruction sheet. SEE all the pic on Facebook (I will be adding some shots of the actual sheets in the next few days)

ü  Goals & Motivation Section
v  My Why
v  Health and Fitness Goals
v  Goal Plan
v  Excuse Buster
v  Motivate Me
v  Dream Board Template
v  Fitness Bucket List

ü  Body Management Planning Section
v  Weight Tracker
v  Measurement Tracker
v  Daily Fitness Plan
v  Monthly Food log
v  Weekly Food log
v  Calorie Counter Monthly log

ü  Meal Planner Category
v  Dinner Planner
v  Weekly Meal planner with shopping list
v  Fridge & Freezer Inventory
v  Pantry Inventory
v  Grocery List

ü  Schedule My Day: My Schedule Category
v  Workout Planner
v  Daily Schedule
v  Weekly To Do

ü  Recipe Planner section cover
v  Recipe category
v  Recipe card
v  Recipe Template

This comes in 4 versions (the only difference is FONT and COVERS... You only need 1!)
Only $10

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This one is NOT on Etsy... I accidently used the words "Tiffany Blue" to describe the color and it was deactivated.

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Other colors with stripe, polka dot, and floral backgrounds are available on etsy.

Additional Details: 
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  • Once purchased, these pages can be printed over and over on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
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  • Please make sure your PDF reader is up to date before viewing/printing to ensure no loss of quality, font distortion, or other visual issues. 
  • This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. To Insanity And Back retains all rights.
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