Avocado Spinach Bacon Pinwheels- CLEAN Eats

I'm always on the lookout for a quick and healthy snack that will tickle my taste-buds and WIN over the family... Well this tasty little number did the TRICK!

Check out my NEW favorite snack, snubbed only by my 9 year old son but embraced by baby girl (3) and my husband so overall this is a winning RECIPE!

Avocado spread:

1 Avocado
Greek Yogurt

Directions: Smoosh up your avocado and add greek yogurt and salsa until you reach the desired flavor and consistency. Just be careful to not add too much!! It will make it runny... I only used a little of each!

Whole Wheat soft Tortilla
2 slices Turkey Bacon (per tortilla)
Red onion
Avocado Spread

Directions: Lay your tortilla out and spread a thin layer of avocado spread, add spinach and some red onion. Top with you turkey bacon and ROLL it up. Once you have it rolled cut accordingly and serve!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of this recipe!!


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