My Meal Plan

HERE it is... my biggest meal prep to DATE and the exact plan I will be following for the duration of my Focus T25 Challenge (MORE details to come on my challenge in the NEXT post)!

1. Oatmeal & Berries (optional scoop of whey protein)
2. Shakeology and Fruit
3. Grilled Chicken or fish with brown rice and steamed veggies (I went with asparagus and broccoli)
4. Whey protein shake with almond milk and veggies
5. Jumbo grilled chicken salad HEAVY on the veggies with a LIGHT raspberry walnut vinaigrette
6. (not pictured and optional) small protein shake, this will stop out cravings and the protein will leave you full... definitely going to have to pull this out when I get a late night snack attack!

I am limiting my fruit (sugar) and carb intake to early in the day, this will give my body plenty of time to burn them before bed and I will be averaging about a gram of protein per pound per day. That number will be a reflection of my weight loss goals. For example is someone weighs 150lbs, and wants to lose they should be taking in 135-140 grams of protein. Once they reach 140lbs, they will drop it according to their next goal....

So there you have it... a snapshot of my PLAN!! What do you think?

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