Clean Eating Banana Split

Can you tell I have been on a fruity desert kick lately? Well I have another one... Meet the new FAVORITE desert in the Morris house, CLEAN eating Banana Split! This is a TASTY twist on a CLASSIC favorite that you can enjoy with none of the guilt! Ready to tingle your taste buds?

Fruit (your choice)
Peanut Butter
Greek yogurt
Semi Sweet chocolate chips (optional)

Grab your banana and cut in half length wise. Spread on a little bit of PB and lay in your bowl side by side. Add your greek yogurt (stick with plain... the flavors have a lot of sugar and more processing). Sprinkle on your granola, add some fruit, and then drizzle with honey! To spice is up for your kids you can add some chocolate drizzles by melting some chocolate ships in the microwave!

There you have it... a super simple desert that the family will LOVE! Great for gathers, events, and kids parties! Try it out with your family and let me know what they thought!


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comment below to let me know what you think!